Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting all, NAIAS crazy up in here!

Just like you I’ve spent my week watching everything I can on the NAIAS.
That’s the North America International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. This year has been very humble. The CEOs are there talking more about stock then cars. Ford debuted the new Taurus, here’s a highlight.

It's just all Taurus crazy - n'shit!


Anonymous said...

These would look better if there was a beefy guy splayed across the hood. fc

The Mutant said...

So the new Taurus may just be the best thing to come from Ford North America in a long time, I know you like them sweetie so I'll be nice about it being an overweight front-wheel-drive, but I will say this: EcoBoost V6, all-wheel-drive SHO anyone? Hell yeah!

You're a bit of a Mopar fan too aren't you, or is it just Jeeps you like? Tell me you're not just a little bit turned on but the Chrysler 200C? Yeah I thought so.

I'll admit I've also got a bit of a hardon for the Audi SportBack concept too, although it isn't quite as hot as I thought it might be.

I would just like to know one thing though, what happened to all the highly irresponsible, anti-social, big, fat, lumpy V8 cruisers you guys do so well. To hell with the financial crisis and global warming. Stick an 8.2 litre V8 under the hood of that Converj concept, call it an ElDorado and put things back the way they should be!

Mike "N" the Mechanics said...

What the hell is a "200C"?