Thursday, January 8, 2009

Civic Planning and Lesbians

I have a wonderful talent. This being able to memorized huge amount of data on completely nonsensical, idiotic topics. A good example is Howard Johnson. The hotel chain, not the guy. Ho-Jo being a chain of the 1950s motor hotels. I have spent way to much free time memorizing long useless facts about the motor hotels locations, facts and trivia. Did you know that there was a Ho-Jo on the South east corner of Hampton and I25? I bet you didn't.

This data will never, never in a million years possible get me laid. Yet I can regurgitate this back at any time. Dalton and I drove cross country to New York and along the way I thought I’d share this knowledge and point out former locations and other helpful facts that made Howard Johnson a success. We had not left Colorado when I was told that most well adjusted adults don’t discuss topics that they’ve memorized data just to spew back. I think this was a nice way to saying no one likes a show off. I have that tendency, to exhaust people during conversations. That’s why I have a daily blog.

My latest way to irritate people is A site completely dedicated to the renewal of the Denver skyline. Meaning, new buildings being planned and built in downtown Denver, Colorado. Today I tried to slip some great bits I’ve learned about Denver’s future plans into normal work conversions.

“Hey, Dina good morning! Soooo you take the train to work. Are you excited about the 2016 Union Station expansion plan? I’ve got a map of it back in my cube.”

I learned that Lesbians don’t care to “chit-chat” about civic planning at 8AM. And that’s okay. As she turned to quickly walk away from me I think I shouted.

“That’s cool; we can check it out later. It’s on my desk. I printed out some pictures……so whenever…”

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Gooster said...

Did you know Canadian Geese poop every 4 minutes and that antelope wont jump fences?