Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sonic Drive-In

Over the weekend we went to the Sonic drive-in. For some reason the Sonic Army minions were on roller skates. Have you ever seen this? I haven’t and apparently neither had the minions. As we had our lunch whisked across the parking lot, we heard a THUNK.

The poor bastard couldn’t stop his skates and ran into the side of the truck. Tatter Tots went flying everywhere. Fuzz jumped out and first looked at his truck, then checked to see it the 16 year was still alive. He was. Let’s just say we got our lunch for free.

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Rat Pack Visitor said...

Luckily, the guys at my local Sonic can skate though they always slow down considerably when they see me sitting there listening to my I-pod in my little Mazda 626. Do I drop off this # 2 on my skates or get the hell out of here before the skinny white dude with the mohawk sells in into white slavery and forces me to appear in German fetish porn videos or risk getting fired ? Beware the onion rings ! They'll bleed through the paper every time !