Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I would just like to say that I may be the only gay left in the village that has not, ever seen a YouTube video that has the words “…and one cup” in the title. I find that as a point of pride. It may be in my obituary.

Steve: Never had he seen home movies of women defecating into Tupperware. Now a guy….that’s a different story.

I wonder if Dixie Longate ever gets that question? "Uh-yes. Dixie, my Tupperware was shat upon. What would I need to I can... store my left over tadder-tot casserole again?"

BTW Dixie is in McKINNEY, TX at the McKinney PAC 05/07/09 - 05/10/09. Check her out.


Michael said...

You have to watch that movie, it's compelling and like a train wreck it forces you to watch to the end so you can say "I can't believe they did that"

Also, if you can believe it, I'm going to see Dixie on Saturday night - but like a good stalker I haven't told her I'm coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh my star my ass IS on fire! fc

Mike "N" the Mechanics said...

Let's start by not shittin in the Tupperware?

The Mutant said...

I haven't seen it either - I was starting to think that made me defective as a human somehow!

SharkBoy said...

I add my name to the list of gays who've never seen anything "with a cup" in the title... I'd rather watch Bambi's mom die a couple of times instead