Friday, May 8, 2009

Which Dallas Character Are You?

You are Sue Ellen Ewing! Always the center of attention, you are constantly setting new standards for others. Despite your occassional boozing and infidelity, you remain a pillar of the community, and queen of the social scene. Bitch.

Well, are yeah surprized at all? I mean really. You wanta find out who you are?

My Result?


Homer said...

I am J.R., does this mean I get to sleep with you and then cheat on you?

DamienNZ said...

I dont even have to take this - I see the bottles next to my trash - Im sue ellen with the double handed drink clutching.

bigislandjeepguy said...

I am Pamela Barnes Ewing. Not that I have any idea who that is because I never watched Dallas. But I guess it's good! :)

Mike "N" the Mechanics said...

I am shocked and without words.

I however am Pamela Barnes Ewing! Simply put, I am all around wholesome. Despite my lack of resources growing up, and the little encouragement that I ever received, I still persist, and manage to come out on top. However, that's not to assume that it doesn't ever hurt.

Anonymous said...

OH NO, Miss Ellie????? fc