Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You For Being A Friend

Since the death of Bea Arthur I’ve discovered a new channel on the sleek flat panel TV. For the longest time, I’d come home flip on the screen and the channel would be on WeTV. A channel filled with Puppy Weddings and Bridezillas. I don’t know how this kept happening; maybe the dog liked to watch Woman Behind Bars? In case you haven’t had the pleasure of We, it’s a spin off from the “lifetime for woman” channel. I’d flip it over to CNN and chillax.

I came home the day after Bea died, wearing a black armband ready to burn my new Santa Maria candle set, flipped on the TV and on came Dorothy Zbornak. Now that was a sign. I had watched the show as a kid, but never in my adult life. Wow, who knew the show was about three gay men, I know I’m stating something that the whole world already figured out in 1985, but this is my first time. Be gentle. Don’t judge.

We sat there for hours last night watching their lives unfold. Again, discovering something that every gay man already knew. Funny that.


Mike "N" the Mechanics said...

Did Fuzz cop to watching it religiously when you were gone.

Anonymous said...

Mike get out of my mind! fc