Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Is it a bee????"

With the apparent axe given to the American version of Absolutely Fabulous, I’ve rekindled my love with the nine-hundred DVDs we have of the original, classic, and untouchable version broadcast on BBC from 1992 to 1996 and 2001 to 2005.

Just today I was rambling around on BBC America trying to figure out if they ever plan on airing any of the Doctor Who ‘09 specials (which they’re NOT) when I found the Which Lady of AbFab are You quiz. Since I’ll take any quiz, I soon discovered the obvious:

You are Patsy

You are desperate to hold on to your youthful face at the expense of good taste. Blond hair swiped from a horse's behind piled on top of your head,a permanent pout plastered on your mouth, makeup spackled on that would make corpses scramble for oxygen. At least you never allowed pregnancy to ruin your figure and turn into a walking, talking potato like your best friend, Eddy. With your trim bod and glamour-girl élan, you can still pull well-muscled man-tail with the best of them.

You can take the quiz here, not that you don't already know the answer.


Someone has pointed out the similarities of my Profile picture up on the right and the picture of Patsy Stone, Hmmmm... Weird hu?

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