Friday, May 22, 2009


I’m slowly getting tired of watching the same sixteen episodes of Doctor Who we have on our DVR. The series took somewhat of a hiatus for 2009 after Journey's End aired in the US. On Easter the UK got Planet of the Dead but there are no plans for it to be shown on BBC America. You can see on YouTube, but for me it’s not the same.

I finally realized that I wasn’t alone in my plight. I went looking for answers and found a podcast. Podshock, they spent about an hour trying to figure out what the heck the BBC and BBC America are doing with the Doctor Who series. So, I understand that you’re not even close to being the huge nerd that I am, so I’ll give you the translation from geek to normal, law abiding citizen.

Between Journey's End and the start of the fifth season, there are four specials. None are planned to be shown in the US, sorry. This will be the last story ark for David Tennant before he regenerates. Matt Smith by the way. The blog-a-sphere is ablaze with rumor. From Captain Jack being photographed walking next to the Dr. to the Master returning. It’s been repeated over and over that Donna will return. It’s all very cool. Since the first of these has aired, now we just sits and waits. Is it November yet?


Jeph said...

We just found it was easier to enjoy the Dr via Netflix. We got through the last season and a half in the time my dad got to watch PART of the next-to-last season with Martha Jones on TV.

So far there's no word on release dates for the new Dr Who stuff on Netflix though - so that sucks.

Ditto for Torchwood. I really miss my Torchwood - and worry it just won't be the same without Tosh or Owen.

Jeph said...

PS Not sure I like the looks of the new Dr. How do you feel?

StevieB said...

Torchwood is coming in July! Children of Earth.
I'm mixed on the new Dr. Is he too young?

Anonymous said...

We just finished up with the good Doctor recently via Netflix and are dying to get our hands on the specials. Working our way through Torchwood now.

StevieB said...

The good Doctor, is that like The CherryOrchard?

Ben said...

DOn't mind Doctor... but love Torchwood... Mr Barrowman is a hottie.