Friday, May 29, 2009


For reasons completely unrelated to yesterdays post I’m in the market for a full Batman costume. What really started the latest yearning to be the caped crusader was an invite to a masquerade ball. My first thought upon getting the invite was that this would be the catalyst for building a perfect replica of Batman’s suit.

Because really, doesn’t everyone need one really good Halloween costume? Not that I wouldn’t wear it every night, jumping from building to building to defend the weak. Our fair city is just overwrought with ski hooded baddies. Building a good Batman suit will help when I’m jumping from the roof of Tracks to stop some fag bashing with my cold, spandex filled vengeance. Well, that and I’d look cool.

Last night we went to acquire my crime fighting tools, by that I mean we went to a costume shop. Here’s the bat’s cowl:

(Defender of the Polo)

Later today I’m going to track down some running pants that look particularly “Bat like.” Thank God I’ve been doing yoga lately. Bat tights leave nothing to the imagination.


John said...

Funny... when I followed the link in yesterdays' post... I thought, "I hope Stevie makes a contribution!"

Happy Shopping.

Hugs from Oregon

The Mutant said...

You realise that if you become a spandex-clad crime fighter you're going to end up a lot of people who'll want to bat-off over you.

(Sorry, couldn't help myself) You just keep the streets of Denver safe.

Anonymous said...

Nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna...

Damien NZ said...


You're in Denver?

Oh - my hubby's home town.

We HAVE to meet when we next visit mate.

PS Go the cowl !

Roxane said...

Dress up your little Superhero in this adorable Batman Begins Newborn/Infant costume, which includes a jumpsuit, headpiece and cape. Batman Begins with this exciting new costume, available alone or in a special set with exciting Batgear!

Freddyeyes said...

Your "Little Superhero?" Did she just say you have a small weenie?