Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Can I say how pissed off I am at Google Maps? Fuzzy's his truck is featured in two different Streetviews. In front of our house and at his work. Me? Nowhere. No great images of Steve's Jeep driving around our fair city. I spotted one of these vans a while back, I followed that sucker for miles, but nope.

Chessman park is the Homogay park here in Denver. Now thanks to Google's street view you can cruise from the convenience of your well-appointed living room. in fact here's someone now....

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A guy sitting in the park in a Ford Taurus Wagon, jerking off. Why can't I get that kinda fame?


Homer said...

Oh lord, that is precious.

The Mutant said...

Be careful what you do - you never know who'll be watching.

I've tried to find myself on Street View too, but alas, neither myself or my Calais were lucky enough to score internet infamy.

I guess this comes as a timely reminder to spend more time jerking off in my car.

Freddyeyes said...

What is funny is my car is in front my our house - because I'm off during the daytime - Fuzzy too has days he's parked at home when others might not be - but he's also at work the other days - You're new ot your current work and your last work had a HUGE parking lot - did you check it though?

Made me want to be on there too THEN I saw your picture - now I'm glad I wasn't doing anything bad in my car when he drove by! LOL