Thursday, January 14, 2010


We’re halfway through Gymuary. This is the month were everyone decides to join the gym. You walk into the gym and every treadmill is taken, the masses are pumping away the holiday pounds.

Fortunately, the free weights haven’t been invaded yet. Although yesterday was chest day and, as I walked up to the benches they all had plates left on the bars. The incline bench had a twenty-five and a ten stacked on one side and nothing on the other. Did some queen start to take the weight off and just gave up half way through? It doesn’t take much to see how putting heavy weights on one side on a metal bar and nothing on the other is a set up for a concussion.

Since all the bars had weights on them I grumbled having to un-rack before using. This made me a little cranky, so when the tiny queen came over halfway through my second set to inform me “he was using that bench” I probably sounded gruff when I stated that, “no, he was not using it. He was across the gym doing a completely different machine. If he’d like he can work in.” After explaining what “working in” meant, he declined.

Let’s just say I can’t wait for February.


Larry Ohio said...

My gym is finally thinning out. For a while there I could not get on a bike and had to wait in line to use the showers. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Is "working in" bitchy comments to the Gymuary queens considered cardio? fc

Michael Rivers said...

LOVE the term Gymuary!! Isn't that the truth! It's so frustrating, but we should only have another week or two. I wonder how much money gyms make from people who actually never cancel their memberships?

Wonder Man said...

God I hate folks like that. I try to go at 6am. Mostly the only folks there are professors, staff and hot grad students

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Ditto on the 6am. I've gotten around the crowds by spending some more time in the pool. (Newbies don't know about it. Haha).

Blobby said...

I haven't been to my gym this last week due to work travel, so I am hoping it thins out a bit. But for the most part, these newer folks are the the 5:30a crowd.