Monday, January 11, 2010


January. There are two things being talked about right now in our house. Three…three things being talked about in our house.
Why did we spend so much money in December?!
Where do we want to go for our birthday dinner?
What the heck do we want to do for vacations this summer?

The last goes like this…
“What should we do this summer?”
“I don’t know, something fun. “
“Like what?”
“Uh…what do you want?”
“Uh…something fun.”

This goes on for hours. What to do in 2010. Well since I have my new luxury automobile there is a call for road trips. The Texas State Fair is in September, that’s high on the list. I’m also trying to talk the other half, Fuzzy, into a road trip to Seattle in August. Jerrod n Mike want to do a “Beach House” week at Mike’s parents place. “Uh…… Drive to Seattle.” Was the only comment.
Fuzzy, has a convention for work in DC late in the summer. I could go be a conventioneer’s wife. See the sites of DC again whilst I wait for Fuzz to get out of some stuffy hotel banquet hall. Oh, I’ll need a hat.


Michael Rivers said...

5 hours is about my max for a road trip. I start going stir crazy. I'm starting to figure out what where I want to travel in 2010 too. Maybe we all need to meet up somewhere!

Wonder Man said...

Texas can be fun. But a blind road trip is really fun

Greg said...

I say go to Hershey, PA, where you can stay at a resort with a hot chocolate bath. Real hot chocolate! That you can take a bath in1

Kelly said...

go to DC and let me know when you go... i drive up there a couple times a month for work... i am sure i could squeeze in time for lunch with a fellow blogger...