Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I did squats at the gym yesterday. I hate doing legs so I force myself to do legs/butt before anything else that day. This way I get the boring stuff done and move on to my favorite sets. Unfortunately, there was a twenty year old on the rack next to me doing squats using the proper technique. My way is to only drop half way and put my knees way out front. This is really bad for your body and cheating, but ya know……. I’ve been doing it this way for so long blah…blah… Until yesterday.

Mr. PlayLacrosseForDU was dropping and pressing at high speed. Maybe it was because I turn thirty-eight tomorrow, maybe because he was smoking hot. Let’s just say I barely made it from the parking garage to my desk this morning. I have pledged that I will only use the proper technique for legs, if this means less weight then I’m okay with that….unless someone is cruising me…then I’ll still put two extra plates on.


Michael Rivers said...

Working legs is my least favorite too. Your gym philosophy is perfect!

Wonder Man said...

I like working legs, but I have to use less plates at times. I can do 240, but only up to 6 reps.

Sean said...

Happy Birthday a day early!

I love watching guys do squats...I just imagine laying under them with my 'motivation' for them to do more reps.