Monday, January 25, 2010


I haven’t talked much about the iPhone application called Grindr. Even though it’s brought such joy into my life as of late.

Last Thursday, Dalton and I were hanging out at Dazbog, the local homocentric coffee shop. After talking to cute little Howard, we settled in to some serious coffee chugging. This is when I launched my Grindr app and started to cruise the Moes.

Now, if you don’t have an iPhone or if you do have one and you’re too mature to use such childish things it’s simple. Grindr Locates the nearest Moe. By feet. You can then see who they are by their photo and stats without actually having to raise your head and join the human race. Great, I know. It’s also (for me anyway) a great way to round up 18 year olds who like to refer to me as Papi. Ummmm… No thanks, just resting.

I clicked on the first photo, meaning the closest Homo. Dalton asked what I was doing as I gyrated in my seat and started to look in my jacket and under my chair.

“This guy is 0 feet away from me!”

You’d think that if a hot dude is on top of you, you’d notice. But, I guess not.


Michael Rivers said...

Very interesting. I recently got a Droid. I need to see if the app is on there yet. Thanks to technology, we don't even have to look for a gay guy anymore. Our phone does it for us.

Anonymous said...

I really think that when you it the Load More Guys button GRINDR should play the song "what Child Is This" fc

Wonder Man said...

Soon we will know if they are good in bed, top or bottom, geek or vain.

yani said...

I've had that same 0 feet (or actually it's 0 metres here in the metric world) experience, and assumed that it was the guy at the other end of the counter from me... turns out no, it was somebody who was actually across the street. It's all based on how accurate your phone is about knowing where you are (mine isn't great most of the time)... plus there's that little "+- accuracy" figure at the bottom of the new version... although saying it's "+-3.4km" seems like a big margin of error!

SharkBoy said...

Maybe your Grindr was calling YOU a Moe??? Bastard Grindr!
I'm going to download my app right away

Moby said...

Slut. :p

Jim said...

"Plus or minus 246 feet."

I wouldn't want Grindr in charge of launching strategic air strike missiles anywhere near me.