Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of something and stop to think “That’s so Raven.”

I spent last week on a military base. I overheard two older, career service members talking. The first one was laughing about don’t ask and don’t tell, that the higher ups are showing that they haven’t a clue about unit cohesion.

“Maybe, it’s because Old McCain hasn’t been in a unit and has lost any concept of unit cohesion?” The other service member said.

“Yeah, cuze then they’d know that it doesn’t frickin matter who likes to sleep with who[sp] in the unit. Only if everyone pulls their weight.”

I took out all the swearing. Funny that the troops don’t care about who serves, as long as they stand up next the one another.


Blobby said...

Taking out the swearing isn't THAT Raven!

I like that (and how) you relayed the story. Nicely done.

Geoff said...

Love the Raven reference, and that sounds like an incredible gift to be a witness to. Very VERY cool.

Homer said...

McCain is my Senator and I swear he is senile. He is going to have a rough primary fight this year. I hate that fucking slimetard. Oops, I said a swear wordy.

Wonder Man said...

I also love the Raven reference. I'm glad to know that the troops don't care