Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I’ve got Spring fever. Bad. The type of spring fever that drives into the park wearing only daisy dukes to wax your car whilst a gaggle of pre-op Hispanic trannies cheer you on. That sort of Spring fever.

I seriously need some Stevie in the park with his dog and a large Diet Coke time. Speaking of enjoying myself maybe I shouldn’t be here typing and be there…. Enjoying.


buffguy said...

shit. it's still to fuckin cold here for that :(

although i hear it's supposed to be nice this week end. like 60s or something. light jaket weather, if that.

Michael Rivers said...

It's supposed to be 75 in Minneapolis today. I can't wait! I have a Diet Coke waiting in the fridge for when the work day is over!

Wonder Man said...

it will be warm before you know it