Thursday, March 11, 2010


I guess I’m trying to work the beard thing again.

I realized that my “manly gym swagger” was out of control yesterday. You’ve seen the guys walking across the gym, they can’t put their arms down as they swing the pumped up shoulders back and forth. Like they’re hunting the Mammoth. Or Tatonka.

So I might have been one of those guys…… I just finished bench press and as I walked over to get a drink my iPod kept shuffling songs. The Shake to Shuffle Application on my iPhone believed it was being shaken, shaken, shaken like a Polaroid picture. My first thought was of Patrick Stewart in Jeffrey.

“Oh, get her.”

Speaking of getting her, I finally got my car windows tinted.

They're Limo black. I now have to put down the window to turn left but, hey. Details, details.


Michael Rivers said...

The beard is looking good. I like that length on guys.

What's going on with the car windows?

Blobby said...

I haven't achieved that muscle mass, or swagger.

Hey, I'm happy they don't ban me from the free weight room!

I also don't know about this shake/shuffle thing. But I use my Shuffle @ the gym anyway, not my full blown iPod.

Dead Robot said...

I hate to criticize...

but holy shit you failed "Sticker Book" in kindergarden, didn't you?

Wonder Man said...

Looking good as always, love the beard.

Damien Oz said...

The next time I am in denver - i will seek out your gym and if i see you do that swagger I will slap you silly in the middle of the gym

So there......