Monday, March 1, 2010


I stumbled across a couple of studies over the weekend. They were the “how to be happy” or “keys to happiness” studies. Mostly I hate this type of mumbo-jumbo, but as I read, I quickly realized one scary thing. They were right. Every “study” had two major themes in my life. I hate it when the internets is right. Jerks.

Be positive
Are you overwhelmed by a sense of dread every time you try something new? Happy people focus on what is possible rather than dwell on the chances for failure. They look at the lighter side and find humor in every situation.

Work out
Consistently breaking a sweat. Exercise improves one's state of mind in part by affecting the body's levels of two chemicals: cortisol and endorphins. The adrenal glands of angry or scared people produce cortisol. This increases blood pressure and blood sugar, weakens the immune response and can lead to organ inflammation and damage. But working out burns cortisol, restoring the body's normal levels.

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Michael Rivers said...

Very interesting. I'm sure it's true! I need to work on the gym visits.

Geoff said...

sound advice