Thursday, March 25, 2010


I got a snow day yesterday. It really helped put my brain back together. This whole week I’ve been walking around singing Kristine W’s Be Alright because I’ve been wondering who’s in my corner. Or not. Don’t you just love self-doubt? I’m sure it comes from my creepy Mormon childhood with a Mom that would scream “They’re either for ya, or against ya” and a Dad that would scream “Nobody wants to hear what you’ve got to say, and nobody ever will!” Said like pirates for some odd reason. Mormon pirates.

So…. A nice day to decompress was needed and wanted.

I think I’ve completed my personal-Pacific Rim-gay-love story film festival yesterday with Bangkok Love Story. It was a pretty good film and I would recommend it. And not just because one of the actors spends like the entire movie running around in his undies. Well maybe. Just turn it off when there’s fifteen minutes left. You don’t need to see the end. No one does.

So, pardon me. I’m going to go back to listen to Kristine W. now…..


Dead Robot said...

If people are being jerks to you, please remember this old East Indian mantra that has been written on many temple walls:

Fuck off.

Wonder Man said...

I hope everything is okay. Sending good vibes to you, boo

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo in your corner cuz...... cn

cb said...

Ok- so damn if I didn't have to itunes and buy this!

you now need Kim Sozzi's Secret Love (Stellar Project Radio Edit)