Thursday, March 18, 2010


“Let’s be Filipino?” I said coming in the house with the mail.
“What?” Fuzz, looking up from his computer on the Super-squishy Elle Shaped Sofa of Love.
I had just gotten the mail and we received our Census form. This was when suddenly I decided we should be Filipino. See, we live in a very white. Very boring little town. The big excitement this week was seeing a transgendered truck driver clomping around Target. Wearing a black bra under a white silk blouse.
“Well, we got our Census form and since we live in the land of White Toast I thought we’d throw a curve ball and say that we’re Filipino Gym Bunny Homosexuals.”
Fuzzy raised an eyebrow. “White toast? What does that mean? Does it even ask if we’re homosexual, gym bunny or otherwise? You can make us any nationality you’d like.”
Just then Harley walked through the living room. “I’m Chinese. I don’t care what you honkies wanna call yourselves.”
I’m hoping that somewhere soon in a Census Bureau someone will stop and say, “Hu, I guess there really are Filipino-gym going-Homosexuals in small towns across America. Good for them.


Blobby said...

White Toast?

I know 'White Bread' - like Tricia Nixon Cox.

Wonder Man said...

is Denver that White?

Dead Robot said...

I'm loving how everything talks in your world. Like a controllable LSD trip.

Damien Oz said...

Laughing my moobs off at Dead Robot's comment...... uncontrollably!!!!!!!!!!