Monday, March 16, 2009


Over the weekend I was having a normal conversation with BFF Carl and BFF Frank. At some point, and I don’t remember why, I blurted:

“…..that’s horrible, that’s right up there with Helen Keller being dragged off by the Nazis!” Without missing a beat, Carl retorted:
“That diary was soooo badly written.”

Then, Frank added:
“Sssshheze inze thhhhee adeeck” As he slammed his fisted hands together. “

In our circles when something dumb is said, we say, at least you’re pretty. I was downright gorgeous.

On Saturday, we were at Chili’s. A deaf group came in and sat next to us. They were having a great time enjoying the night as were we. At some point the manager felt he had to wander around and invade everyone’s table to inject the fact that he never finished grad school and now is a manager at Chili’s. To us he joyfully injected:
“Good thing you ordered two desserts, one wouldn't feed the looks of you guys.”
I blurted out “did he just call us fat?” As cake flew from my mouth. But, he had already descended on the six deaf diners, Mr. Chili smiled and said:
“It’s awfully quite over here! The food must be good!”
The table stared with awkward smiles, until he proudly moved to the next table. A little pee went down Fuzzy’s leg as he laughed.

On Sunday we went to Subway. Although, the tomatoes were not amused.

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