Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Along with being unable to feel my legs from the weekends 40 hour drive, Yesterday was hell driving to work due to our spring weather. It was enough to make me put down my morning beer. I hate that. It was one of those wet and cold spring snows. Here’s the front of Spike the Super Jeep. I was wondering why I couldn't see my head lights, and I thought it was just me.

Whenever a wet/icy snow hits Denver you’ll start to see the crazy people that pop up their wipers. the lot at work was filled with this.Why do people do this? Do they want their car to be picked on by the other cars in the parking lot? This is the car equivalent of wearing Crocs, or trying to squirt your Zune at the gym.

“I don’t wanna have my wipers freeze.”

Well, you do want to destroy the spring in your wiper arm so you get to take your fine Chrysler product for a $200 dealership visit. What happens when there is no Chrysler Dealership? Hu? They’re about to get an Obammaboot up the happy love hole.

Did I mention I’m crabby today? See what happens when I don’t get my morning commute beer?

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Gooster said...

Actually it doesn't do anything to the arm, and it does extend the life of your blades. (11 years at a Jeep dealership) Do you use de-icer wiper fluid? This will also help with the loosening of the ice on the windshield so your blades move the ice versus scraping across the ice. Just sayin! Get some sleep crabass!