Monday, March 2, 2009


On Sunday morning I went to for coffee at Daz Bog on 9th. I hung out for a while and played with my iPhone. Just a casual Morning, the weather in Denver has been amazingly mild. After spending a relaxing morning I decided to go hang out with BFF Carl. Hopping in the Jeep I sped up Downing, as I got to 11th Ave. I found myself cruising a guy at the corner. He was hot, skinny and young but hot. Then I had a gay flashback. In 1989 I got my first apartment with Ed on this street at that corner. Man, was it really twenty years ago?
“Picture it…. Sicily 1928.”
Eddy and I decided to get a place together. How hard could it be? A tiny studio, it only lasted 6 months but it was my first apartment and my first love. Both, I got evicted from.
The car’s horn behind me was the only thing that got me back from twenty years of memory.
“What happened to Eddy?” I said out loud as I move through the green light. Then I nervously started to laugh, it wasn’t that long ago. It was just yesterday that I stood on that corner wearing my Z Cavariccis cruising guys in Jeeps as they sat at that light.

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Kelly said...

I miss my Z Cavariccies