Monday, March 23, 2009


Welcome to spring! And yet, Denver had its warmest winter on record. Well, we had the lowest snow totals ever recorded in Denver. But, up in the mountains there were records set for the ski season snow. I guess I can’t blame global warming. I’m pretty much bummed, I love snow. I love blizzards and snow banks and I really love it when it hovers around freezing. My favorite part is driving the 4X4 with reckless abandon. Yep, I’m that jerk that zips past you on an iced up road. Sorry, I’m twelve. With the insurance rating of a thirty-seven year old. That being said, Fuzz and I went to test drive a Hyundai Sonata, Limited. I felt like one of those trained bears in the circus. Ya, know tring to fit it's huge furry frame onto a tiny motorcycle. Grrrrrr-bluetooth, Grrrrrrr-leather, Grrrrrrr-can't feel my legs.

Here’s a vid I found on YouTube. Remember the Blizzard of '06? I have no idea who the ingenue is but it looks like their having fun.

Whilst we're on the subject of Denver, wanna Bump?

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