Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Next Thursday, BFF Frank and I fly off to New York City. We plan on picking up Dalton and heading to the nearest bear bar. Then it’s off to the NY Eagle.

Then, Friday we try to wake up and I talk them into stopping by a White Castle on the way to pick up a moving van. With a Gay Bar hangover and stuffed full of White Castles we load all of Mighty, mighty Dalton’s worldly belongings and start to head west. Goodbye NY! Dalton is headed to Denver. Clean air, the Rocky Mountains, and a low tax rate. Did I mention that the moving van only has two bucket seats?
For three of us.
For three days.
Steve-origami time.
I’ll blog ya, the details of how Frank keeps touching me. Dalton is now dancing around the street of Brooklyn singing:
"New York is where I'd rather stay, I'm allergic smelling hay!"


Dead Robot said...

I want Stuckeys pictures! And stories of getting kicked out of Bob Evans for ordering "Shit on a Shingle"!

Kelly said...

I was see pictures of the touching and the eagle... or touching at the eagle...

Mike "N" the Mechanics said...

Remember Harold and Kummar? That is what I am picturing for the whole trip, except it ends Griswold style with Frank tied to the roof.