Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hey, it’s just a couple of days until I head to NY. Can I get a whoot-whoot! Yeah, seeing Dalton will be boss, but really I’m in it for the White Castle. I love fast food, just not the kind we have around these parts. I don’t care much for the McD’s, BK’s or Wd’s (that’s Wendy’s….. didn’t work did it?) I go for the exotic fast food. Whataburger or Steak-n-shake and definitely White castle, I drive 80 miles just to eat a Runza.

But, trust me most of the time its salads and apples. Today I got on the scale in the locker-room and was pleasantly surprised. I also saw a random guy in the mirror trying to burn a hole in my Calvin’s with his eyes. I calmly turned around and said “hey” I didn’t think it sounded like Joey Tribbiani. I didn’t say “how yoo dooin?” I just said “hey” as in “hey bud how ‘bout them Colts.” But, or should I say butt… this scared him into some sort of Protestant gilt panic. He grabbed his stuff and bolted. Poor scared Protestant boy, I would of bought him some Wd’s after Fuzz and I tag teamed him.

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Anonymous said...

Next time stand between your future ex-trick and the exit. That way you can trip him if he tries to run. fc