Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Less Misrable Moment

When I was a small queerling, wearing rayon, I did something really bad. I don't remember what it was, but it clearly was against some policy at work. The owner pulled me into her office and gave me some advice:

“Your integrity is the only thing people in this world cannot take from you. You can easily give it away….hand it over….but people on this planet can’t steal it from you.”

I live by this wisdom. Given to me two weeks before my boss was hauled off in hand-cuffs. Seriously. But, none the less still good advice. I thought of these words yesterday when we heard that the seventh layoff had occurred. I wandered around for about an hour like Moses in a cubical desert looking for a particular lesbian.

“Uh, she’s been gone for awhile Steve.”

I was told by Dina Shore, the last remaining Lesbos in the cubical ranch. I now sit in an office of fifty empty cubicles, with just Dina Shore the golfing, Alto sax music listening womyn. I decided that we should reenact Les Miserables. Build a barricade out of desk chairs to block HR from coming for Dina. This being said, I wandered around yesterday singing:

“Can you hear the people sing?” About noon, Dina asked why I was singing Phantom. It was around this time I had the urge to Cube-a-Vulture. That’s when you act like a Mad Max character scavenging for water. But with highlighters. But, really is this below me, does this give away my integrity?
I now have twelve new highlighters!
"Guys..... wait for me....guys!"

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Gooster said...

Blah blah blah be thankful you are employed blah blah blah economy sucks blah blah blah. If you haven't heard it yet, you will, and the blahs will change, but the message will probably be the same!

Are the highlighters in different colors?