Friday, March 13, 2009


Let’s take today to appreciate Dalton James. He gives us so much, so we must take a day to celebrate the day that Port Arthur, Texas gave him to us.

**Head bowed, quiet pause. **

As you know, Dalton was my partner for 17 years. Okay, 4 whatever. Until he ran away to New York to become a graphic artist. And a cosmopolitan socialite. Puff, puff. At least until the end of March when he gives up the bear party scene to move to little ol’Denver. But, that’s a blog post for next week. Don’t you just love anticipation?

Tomorrow is the Mighty, Mighty Dalton’s birthday. On pie day! 3.14… pie, get it? Yeah, no one does.
So… wish him a great day and if you’re hanging out at the NY Eagle Saturday night, buy him a shot. He’ll be the one with that shell shocked look in his eye that every guy gets after dating me.

*May not be an actually photo of Dalton.
It is, but when I get a head smack I want
to say I put an asterisk next to it.

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