Monday, June 8, 2009


Ah, Monday. The time when you look back and wonder what the hell happened your weekend. Saturday we went to Cheesemen Park to layout. I have not laid out in Cheesemen since the Clinton administration. Soft and quite we laid in the grass. Becoming in tune with the park, and our relationship. Me clicking away on Twitter. “Look! I’m in the park. Hey, it’s me! I’m interesting! Hey guess what? I’m in the park getting a sun tan.” So, I think I’m officially done with twitter.

On Sunday Fuzzy and I went to Boulder for lunch. As we drove back we started to see all these nut-jobs on the side of the road pointing and snapping pictures towards the sky. Quickly we realized that the nut-jobs were staring at a huge tornado behind us. Here’s when we acted like nut jobs, although we waited to pull over until we were a little farther away.

We ended up at Beer bust at the Wrangler, Chair was there. He says “hi.”

I've decided to start my Monday by getting a massive stomach ache. I don’t know why, here’s what I had for dinner last night:

Happy Monday.

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Freddyeyes said...

Hi Chair! I have proof he had too much to drink ... i'll post it now on my blog! Such a lush that one! You SEE he's got his pretty backing on today too! Slut!