Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RENT - The Gay Agenda

We went to see RENT last Saturday afternoon. I know it sounds crazy but I had not seen it before so I kind of had to go or lose my contract as a fudge packer. I always prefer going to a matinee, if it’s a movie or a show, It’s just less of a chance I’ll fall asleep. That, and you have plenty of time to go to Hamburger Mary’s afterwards to watch the gay flag football team get drunk after another triumphant win.

The show was good; there were a couple of original Broadway cast members and the set was well done. Since I have heard the music for years I knew every song. In fact, years ago Dalton and I took a road trip to Santa Fe when we first started getting serious; I decided to play the soundtrack, especially the Santa Fe song the entire way there and back. And yet, he foolishly continued to date me.

So, now I can check yet another The Gay Agenda- Things to do” task off of the list. Next on the list is cruising the gay New York pier wearing flip-flops and plaid shorts. Who’s with me?


The Mutant said...

Well done, nice to see you've renewed your gay-pass for the next twelve months. I hear that if you sing along during the show they throw in an additional six-gay-months membership for free.

Oh, and are you wearing convict overalls in your profile pic? I sure hope so. Rawr!

Freddyeyes said...

I am glad we went! It was a blast - and that fall from the balcony wasn't so bad eh!? LOL

Oh as for the NY Pier - already checked it off! thanks though!

Homer said...

Ummm, I've been to that pier in plaid shorts and sandals, does that count?

SharkBoy said...

I saw Rent when it played in Toronto in the late 90's... I didn't know much about the story line, only knew a few songs. Well, I cried like a bitch and the day after, bought tickets to see it again that same week. Glad you finally saw it and enjoyed it