Thursday, June 25, 2009


Doesn’t it seem today that people can’t have just a perfect moment. That is without Twittering about it. One perfect little bit of life, or one happy moment and suddenly your thinking about how you’re going to phrase it on your tweedy account. The sun rises over the horizon; your lover is in your arms. “Hold on I got to twit this.“

Pondering this whilst on Twitter last night, I started to think about a perfect moment. A single bit of time that was the most perfect. For me that was on the Atlantis Big Gay Cruise in ’08. On the third night they held a huge dance in the converted ice skating rink. Fuzz and I were right in the middle of the shirtless guys thumping away. Within a couple of hours we looked at each other and just knew that we were done and over it.

Somehow we ended up on the pool deck. Since the party was down below the pool was deserted. Cool “chill out" music was in the air to match the cool breeze coming across deck. Without speaking we both stripped down naked and jumped in the pool. Alone on a ship of 5,000 moes we floated naked under the stars listening to the vibes of the airy tunes. a LED light show circling the water.

I really don’t know how long we stayed in that pool. Fuzz would hop into the hot tub and I would swim back and forth feeling the water on my naked body. Funny how a planned night can turn into something completely different; giving you a perfect moment.

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Freddyeyes said...

Dude that sounds perfect!!!! Remember swimming on the back pool once in a while on the first cruise we werre on together? Such good memories - Or late night Pizza... good thing we didn't have twitter and iphones back then - lol no service.. we would have had withdrawals! Now we just can't go on any cruises! lol I love you and Fuzzy!