Monday, June 15, 2009


I guess my little monkey brain decided to not shut off last night,as I did not sleep a wink. You know the nights, when you lay there staring at the ceiling listening to the Shar-pei have puppy dreams. Around 2:45AM my thoughts turned to Rick Rubin.

Rick Rubin was my first real, out of high school boyfriend. Among other things like fellatio, he taught me how to drive a stick shift (load your pun here) in his 1990 Ford Ranger. I shortened the life of his clutch, but he smiled the entire time. So, I’d like to somewhat publicly thank Rick Rubin for teaching me how to hill start, that and he perfectly flavored my taste for the non-gentile kind of man love.

I would have not remembered this sleepless, middle of the night pondering was it not for the commute this morning. In my pre-coffee drive in to the parking garage I thought I was in gear and rolled into the parking garage gate. Oy.

If you Google Rick Rubin, you'll get a huge bearded guy from the music industry. Please note that this is not the non-Christmas tree buying gentleman that taught me how to "handle a stick."


The Mutant said...

I dunno, that bearded dude has got it going on - woof!

Where is the Rick Rubin of my life... my past boyfriends have all been cake-baking, art-appreciating, theatre-going, celeb-stalking (mumbles last word) and I've always played the butch one. Hilarious when you consider how butch I'm not, but where is my stick-shifting, ranger-driving man?

Probably hiding somewhere in the rocky mountains I suppose.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i'm trying to think who my rick rubin was. i have recently gotten back in touch with "the one i always thought got away", and am glad we have picked up our friendship, years later.


Bill Hughes was a guy in my High School who carried my books, always wanted me to feel his bicep (I was a soft pretty boy) and walked the halls with his shirt open showing his 6 pack, but he was also so sweet and nice. I don't think he cared that I was a boy, but I just wasn't into him and would burn him everytime he asked me out. Sorry baby.