Monday, June 22, 2009


On Saturday we went to Eldorado Canyon State Park for a little picnic and some hiking. The dog was very excited to finally get out and enjoy the great weather. Eldorado Canyon is an easy drive up to Boulder and had some great views and trails. We met the gang and did a little hiking.

Over the weekend I found myself in one of those “cocktail situations” where you're are forced to mingle with people you wouldn’t peak to normally. A 50ish woman wearing hideous chunky jewelry asked me:

“If you could meet any historical figure and spend the day with them who would it be?”

I hate these kinds of questions, they don’t care. You just ask questions like this to look deep. Like you’re smart and filled with compassion. Without blinking I said:

“Mazinger Z”

“Oh” she said, cautiously yet still trying to look smart and conservatively compassionate.

“Yes, he’s a Japanese super robot made from a super-alloy named Japanium.”

She just stared down at the dead conversation, murdered and broken on the floor until I walked off.


Ben said...

I'm so stealing that line the next time someone tries that shit on me... love it

Dead Robot said...

Nice! You just earned 1000 DeadRobot points, usable towards a 5th anniversary shirt.

SharkBoy said...