Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was 6:30 AM, I’m sorry but I couldn’t work my Instamatic. If I could, I would have snapped a picture of a SUV at the gas station this morning.

It’s the second week of June and the high school graduations have died down. You’re seeing a lot less of the white shoe polish signs of “congrats grads” badly written on back windows of cars. Uhm…. “congradulations” What’s that? I know I’m really not the one to challenge other people’s grammar. But I don’t do it on automobiles. I mangle the English language on a blog. Like you’re supposed to.

So, picture it, the Kum and Go at Six this morning, and yes it’s called Kum and Go. If you want a T-shirt, let me know. I’m staggering out to the Jeep with a Diet Coke in one hand and a chocolate doughnut in the other. I look up and see a SUV with one of these terms of shoe polish endearment. It stated:
“Way to go Tiffy! You made it!!!
Even with a baby!”

Passive aggressive? And yes, it was "Tiffy". Damn it! I couldn’t work my camera. I wasn’t about to drop my doughnut.


Dead Robot said...

Good old Tiffy! I bet the football team was proud too.

Disney Parkinglots were filled with rear window slogans too. What the hell is a "meeshka Mooshka" anyway?

Gooster said...

I love how the shirts come in those handy little hockey puck sized wads.

Jeph said...

LMAO! OMG I'm so proud of you Tiffy! And the baby too!

I think you need to post a pic of you guys modeling those shirts, and then watch the orders start coming in!