Friday, June 19, 2009


I know you love bizarre and obscure tidbits about the former Soviet Union as much as I do. Sure who doesn’t! But I’m like you; it’s hard to find quality photo essays about rusting, deadly military installations.

Well, I’ve discovered Dark Roasted, a site full of amazing crap that will keep you intrigued, at least it did for me. This site has an entire series devoted to the best of Russian…..stuff and things… and stuff.

Want to learn more about Russian Ballistic Missile Carriers here you go, what about Creepy High Voltage Installations well this sites for you.

If the Soviets don’t hold much appeal to you (and I feel sorry for you now) you can cruise over to the retro futuristic series or learn all about the Abandoned 747 Restaurants in the world.


Dead Robot said...

My brother is in Moscow these days doing research. He says the women's hairstyles in the national archives are pre-war cool.

Off topic: I like the godzilla motif you have going on here. Playful and retro-y goodness!

The Mutant said...

I love me some Soviet-era photos. Plus, the illustrations from the era make me want to live in the communist UUSR so bad.

Shame they never got to take over the world.


I'll trade you your Abandoned 747 Restaurants link with my gyro post.