Thursday, June 11, 2009


My new favorite blog:
It’s NSFW, in case the name didn’t send up a flag. I’m also following it on twitter; I need to get updates of muscle gods when I’m on the treadmill. It’s “motivational.”


Jerrod bought us tickets to go see Rent on Saturday. Just when you thought I was getting too gay, with the whole Ikea-Snarky-Pridefest posts, now I’m going to see Rent. Uh…don’t tell anyone, but…I’ve never seen Rent. The movie or the Musical, I did however, get the score stuck in my head for all of ‘03
Enjoy the muscle site….


Homer said...

I used to go to karoake on Sundays but the Rent-fanatics kept singing those damn rent songs over and over again until I hated every single one of them!!!

SharkBoy said...

Leathermacho wins