Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, well, well you survived another pride weekend. Good for you. Since I had today off we headed down to our meeting place, Dazbog for some Joe, and coffee. Then, back to the air-conditioned spender of the ranch.

Denver’s pride celebration still stands as one of best in the country. Both Saturday and Sunday were amazing down at Civic Center Park. Good food, shirtless guys, and great entertainment. Nina Flowers performed a short but fun bit. Debbie Gibson put on a great show, which I missed it due to being in line for…well beer, and lots of it. It seems that the celebration is moving towards our gay families and the strength we have in each other.

The guys over at the Denver Wrangler once again had a great pride day set up with hot music and cold beer. We headed over there around four, just in time to get our second-wind. The hot music matched an endless supply of hot shirtless guys. There I didn’t have to stand in line for…well beer, due to friendly beer pourers that kept my cup full long after my sunscreen stopped working.
So today is being spent laughing at all the stupid stuff we did and said. That and, not stepping out of air-conditioning.

Here's Nina:



Freddyeyes said...

dude I am so sunburned - I had a blast!!! I'm glad you did too!

Dead Robot said...

She's very small.