Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's time once again for Missed Missed-Connections from Craigslist. Oh, the human drama.

Texas Tech Cap, Unshaven - m4m - 46 (KFC- Littleton-
Kippling & Bowles)
you were there on Sunday with wife and two little ones. I c hecked out your crotch then u checked out mine. Want to get together?

You do know you’re trying to pick up a guy at Kentucky Fried Chicken, with his wife and kids right? Just checking.

bible guy with niece. this morning - m4m - 34 (west denver)
you came by my place today with your niece promoting a bible event ..
me: black guy . no shirt . in pajamas
you: white guy . tall . suit .
good-looking . shy really would like to connect with you on a more personal level . think u were interested but had niece with u hope to hear from u very soon

Okay, soooo your posting a missed connection for the Jehovah Witness that knocked at your door trying to get you to turn your life over to Jehovah or God, or Yahveh, whatever the kids calling the big kahuna these days? At least you didn’t cruise him right in front of his niece. Like Mr. Creepy KFC did. Snaps.

the walrus in boulder - m4m - 21 (boulder)
you taught me how to do the ring game and then played you in foose-ball. you were really hot, hope you see this!

Is this some sort euphemism I don’t know? Yet. I'm really hoping this didn't happen at the zoo.


Howard said...

Have you heard the new "Weird Al" song? It's "Craigslist". It's on my site. You'll crack up, trust me.

Dead Robot said...

I hope that #2 succeeds in his mission to turn the bible thumper. That would be my kind of schadenfreude!