Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When I was in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago, I was moving a heavy box down and out to the side walk. As I came out of the door I nearly smacked right into a tiny, little woman. She was the type that you could tell she had just completed a long, overnight shift at the plant. I don’t know, maybe holding the hand grenades as the machine inserted the pin. Then after another stressful day of making tools for our war machine had to walk forty blocks to catch the train. Just as she almost home here comes a cock with a box to smack her down. Instead of snapping at me, she softly said:
“God bless you.”

How freaking cute is that!? I’ve been thinking about her ever since. Then, Fuzzy and I saw this commercial:

Now, every time they announce Becca Wineinger for Prom Queen, Fuzz just melts and tears up. I on the other hand start to laugh and mock Becca. “That hair is all wrong I snap” and “I made a poopy!” Yes, I’m mocking a poor special needs child. But just this morning I thought back to the tiny woman on the sidewalk in Brooklyn. Don’t ya hate it when you start to grow up?