Friday, April 17, 2009


The other night we discovered a great new restaurant. Well, it’s really a bar that serves incredible food. Rodney’s in Cherry Creek North. Huge juicy steaks with all the old style fixins, seriously how long has it been that you’ve seen Spaghetti as a side dish? They also have one hell of a Cosmo.

Not that I drink Cosmos.

It’s one of those dark wood paneled rooms that you’d meet your romantic rival in just to splash your bourbon n branch in their face. Half way through my steak I had to hit the head. As I stood at the urinal I started to focus on the framed prints in front of my nose. This is what I started to focus on:

Wow! They appeared to be some sort of record book of really bad things.

Really bad things.

So, I whipped out my trusty iPhone to share some of the records with you. I’m a giver, and apparently so was Young Ruh. Although, I’ve got a “friend” who has Kathy Curnabelle beat. Hands down.


Dead Robot said...

Jesus, wouldn't anything over 3oz kill them? I mean you hear stories of Rod Stewart and shit...

The Mutant said...

Why can't I ever find good reading like that in the urinals I go to? Most of the ones I use just have my phone number plastered all over them.


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