Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's time once again for Missed Missed-Connections from Craigslist. Oh, the human drama.

K Mart Broadway/Alameda - m4m - 44 (Denver)
Saturday afternoon in Electronics. Two way/ Three Way, maybe? I hope to hear from you.

You do know you’re trying to pick up a guy at K-Mart right?
Just checking.

Home Depot - Alameda & Santa Fe - m4m (Denver)
We were both at the customer service desk at the same time. You had a cart with a large item on it.....what was on the cart?

Uh, you just wanted to know what was on his cart? I thought the purpose of Craigslist was to hook up for sex. Cool, whatever.

You work at Target in Glendale in the Deli - m4m - 26 (Denver)
You work at Target in the Deli... I think your name might be Dave (as my friend hollered to me in front of you on purpose a few weeks back). Not sure if there's even a shot here, and even if there is if you'd be interested. I think we've exchanged glances a few times or it could be wishful thinking. This isn't the 'let's hookup' type of MC, more like hit me up and let's grab some dinner and drinks kinda post.

….and can I get two pounds of that honey ham and a half pound of smoked Gouda. Thanks!

Our last entry falls under the “I’ve tried everything but talk to him! And, I’m all out of ideas” category. Wow, I do love the attached picture, that wasn’t me. It actually had the LOLcat included. This was to make it not only sad, but pathetic. Sad and pathetic, Pathetisad.
Cue the Neal Diamond and Barbara duet…..
“You don’t bring me flowers anymore….”

Papa bear - m4m - 21 (alone)
You and I used to be so close... I don't know what happened. I was the cub, you were my bear. Was it because I grew up? Because I'm not as naive as I once was? I know you have your own problems, but I have mine too. I can still look past all of this... if you'd only look at me like you used to. Other guys are attractive to you, but you never tell me I look nice anymore. I do things FOR YOU, and I don't even get a good job. I miss you. I miss... us.
I think if you really wanted to end it, you'd just come out and say it's over. Why are you hiding your feelings from me? If you can tell me what I did wrong, I'd fix it. I got hurt, and you didn't even come to see me... Am I nothing to you anymore? I've stopped crying to myself about you. I can't hurt anymore, so I want to know... Am I still yours, or has my use finally ran out?

That is one sad kitty...bear cub....no, kitty. Pussy really.

Hey, I've found a new way to find a gym. Go to your local Craigslist and scan down the Missed Connections pertaining to "Locker room hook ups" and Viola. Your new gym. You're welcome.

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