Monday, April 27, 2009


An odd thing happened early Sunday morning. As I slowly awoke to another amazing day in Colorado my first thought was of the treadmill at 24hour fitness. This has never happened before, it amazed me.

On Saturday Carl, Dalton, and I went to look for mid-century furniture. Because, we’re in our late thirties/early forties, gay, and that’s just what we do. As part of our trek, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the DQ, I had a chocolate shake. This is probably why, after spending the remainder of the day on the elle shaped super squishy sofa of love* watching season six of Dallas with Fuzzy, I woke up on Sunday. “I needed to get my ass to the gym.“

There are some hot guys at the Alameda, 24hour fitness. This helped me reach a new level of incline and speed, Damn it hurt. But I just kept picturing standing next to the pool on a gay cruise, without a shirt on. “Run damn you! Run! I will not be seen with cruise muffin top! I found it very motivational, to randomly scream out:

“Everyone will laugh at you” they’ll see your dirty pillows!”

I’m sure that this also motivated my fellow cardio-maniacs. Several around me quickly left, I’m sure this was to go hit the weights.

Tuesday is Yoga day, the first day back to Yoga. I say “first day back” because I tried it three times in late ’02. But, tomorrow I make my return. Frank and Carl and joining in, it will be fun! And, not at all like the Bears in the big ring be trained to balance a ball on their noses. Not at all. If I’m not to sweaty, I’ll try to work my Instamatic.

Me, in yoga class.

*Also known as the ESSQSL


Anonymous said...

What happens in Yoga class, stays in Yoga class unless the picture is REALLY funny. fc

Dead Robot said...

Plug it up!
Plug it up!
Plug it up!!