Monday, April 13, 2009


Dinah Shore the Alfa lesbian came into my cubical today.

“Steve. I brought some caramel corn in if you want some.”

I thought, wow that’s nice.

“I had to go clean out my great aunts house after passing. I gave it to her a couple years back and she never ate it.”
“Huh, thanks” Soooooo she offered me popcorn she found in her dead relatives house. That Auntie didn’t even want years ago? What kind of bottom feeder does she think I am?

Turns out I’m the kind that eats dead-aunt corn.



Rock Hudson always is trying to make me taste his deviled eggs. I always say the same thing to him; "how are you making deviled eggs when I don't even have eggs in the house?"

Ben said...

2 year old dead aunt corn... sounds mighty tasty.

I found about 20 frozen over-ripe bananas when I clened out my grandmother's fridge...want me to send them over?