Thursday, April 16, 2009


We actually remembered to use our reusable grocery bags last night. I just explained to Fuzzy that we needed to start bringing our totes so we can stop using plastic grocery bags. There’s a patch of plastic junk the size to Texas in the middle of the Pacific, so we need to do our part. Of course he suggested that I just put the bags under the sink instead of the end of the warm water flow of the Pacific. “That that might help” he calmly noted.

I retorted, “When you stop melting the North Pole, causing Logo to run the five minute long commercial on how the Polar Bears are slowing starving to death. I can hardly wear my Polar Bear lederhosen out anymore.”

So the trip to Uber-Target was pretty great, I had a great feeling of doing our part with the cool new reusable totes. Until the cashier kept uttering under her breath how much trouble they were. So I said “Just sack my bottles of water and stop staring at my lederhosen!”

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