Thursday, April 30, 2009


If I have to hear this phrase one more time I’m climbing up the bell tower with a high powered rifle.

Now more than ever
You need a live ferret in your pants.
Now more than ever
Put Crispy Cream doughnuts on the cat.
Now more than ever

So why is the current economic climate a time to scare people into buying stuff? And, why are they using a Richard Nixon campaign slogan? Okay, yes I know the answer to the first question. And sorry, you'd have to be a HUGE nerd to understand the second question. But, do commercials need to use a deep baritone voice over to make you think that your 401K has tanked so now you deserve pizza.

Now more than ever,
I need a hand job. Well, whatever works.

On a related note, last night Fuzz and I got a little Bam-chike-bawm-bam on the Super-squishy-elle-shaped sofa of love. When we were done and catching our breath, Fuzz’s first words were, not “you’re amazing” it was “what do you want for dinner?”

"Now more than ever I need a towel." I calmly responded.


the replicant said...

Being able to work up a man's appetite is not a bad thing.

Jeph said...

Now, more than ever, you need to go check out DC's The Source blog ( ), go to the Thurs, April 30th entry titled "Please read LEGION OF THREE WORLDS #4 before even looking at this post", and then decide whether or not you really want to click through and see the spoilers.

Really - NOW! More than EVER!


I'm not sending you a link directly to the specific entry because that'll show you everything - including the spoiler part.

StevieB said...

Thank you! This is the best news EVER!!!*

See this is why I love you!

Thanks for the heads up, I totally missed this.

*Steve screamed like a girl.

Jeph said...

Yeah, I thought you might like that. It's cool news - we can just pretend like the crappy story that took him outta the picture never even happened! ;-)

Did you hop around the room on your tiptoes while you were screaming like a little girl?