Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It’s funny how when you try to improve yourself, you’re reminded how bad off you are. I got slapped in the face with this yesterday when we tried yoga for the first time. Can I just say that I’m old and have no lateral movement what-so-ever?

One of the calmly suggested commands was “grasp your hands behind your back.” Suddenly I felt like Tiny the Dinosaur….in yoga class.

“I’ve got this big head and these tiny arms.”

Why did I go in to this thinking that it was just stretching? I have never sweat so much in my entire life. Not to mention today with all the weird muscles hurting. But, I’m ready for the next class. I won’t however do a chest workout beforehand. Bad idea.


Gooster said...

When I took the roomie's son to see this movie, I almost peed myself at this scene! Stretching is for ballerina's! GRRR! Good luck!

Dead Robot said...

Get a Wii Fit. The yoga it provides is much less embarrassing. The trainer is pretty 80s hair groovy.

Be warned: the fucking thing says "Oh!" when you step on it, like you're a ton of fat.

StevieB said...

I prefer to use Wii for it's correct usage; Shooting toilet plungers at bunnies.