Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My bud Jerrod reminded me of a story that happened over the summer. He apparently had a great time at the Wrangler and left when they threw him out after turning the lights on at 2AM. He was hungry and like any good bar night he ended up at the Taco bell drive through (or drive thru.) He had ordered a couple of tacos then started to go night-night there at the speaker. There was a pause when the speaker said,
Long pause.
At this point Jerrod had forgotten where he was, or why he was there. He responded,
He then heard a giggle and,
“Just drive around sir.”


Anonymous said...

Was that the night that the taco bell drive through girl tried to pic k him up?????? cn

Kezza said...

Are you sure that wasn't you? It's not nice to project your embarrassing stories onto others!

That reminds me of the drunken adventures my cousin and I used to get up to at the local KFC drive through. One night we managed to peel all the decals off one side of a taxi, thats how long the dude in the back took to order! We never got caught and the silver top logo looked pretty nifty attached to the side of a random BMW parked in the street!