Thursday, September 11, 2008


Man I’m in a pissed off mood today. No real reason just fucking pissed at the world. I cranked up the Ramstien on the IPhone driving to work, that usually does the trick, but nope. I actually looked down at the Shar-pei this morning and remarked “Do you have to wiggle your tail like that?” I could very easily smack those stupid $700 glasses off of Sarah Palin’s face. That “I’m a compassionate conservative” smirk.

Hand puppet.

Can someone please tell me the name of the app. That deciphers music and gives you the title and artist? I really don’t want to read 4,785 app. definitions.


Michael said...

Oh that app came pre-installed on my LG Chocolate.....and I LOVE it!

Kezza said...

Whats the point of an app like that? Don't you have any obsessed friends who can just tell you?


Oh, I guess my techno-phobia is showing again!

Anonymous said...

I used the google thingy and found MusicBrainz and Tunatic. Not sure if they are legit or just huge hard drive erasing software that specifically targets the iPhone...fc

Dead Robot said...

Shazam - it's free.

You may kiss my knuckle.

Be in a better mood. It's friday and you have an iPhone.