Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Flying Tomato

At the Wrangler this weekend a buddy told me the story of what happened to his car. Last week he and his boyfriend went to Wendy’s for dinner. He was starving so on the way home he started inhaling his fries and burger. He became so immersed in his fries that he rear-ended the car in front of him stopped at the light. Apparently this was at high speed so the damage was severe. They were not hurt and neither was the shocked gentleman they just rammed. They all stood on the curb, exchanged information and waited for the police. The gentleman in the very expensive sedan kept staring at my friend and it was beginning to creep him out. He chalked it up to the anger of his new car getting totaled, but the guy kept starring. After what seemed to be quite awhile my friend finally asked “What! I’m sorry I did this but what?!” the gentleman slowly and quietly said.
“Uh….you’ve got a tomato on your head.”
“You’ve got a tomato on…on your head!”
The force of the impact dislodged the Wendy’s burger and its delicious contents flew everywhere. The tomato landed in such a way to give my friend a cute little pill box hat.


Dead Robot said...

I just spewed my tea across my monitor and now everyone in my cube wants to know why I'm laughing. Thank you.

Kezza said...

Ha ha ha. Thats too good!

But I hear tomato-slice hats are all the rage in Europe this summer... obviously your friend is simply an early adopter.

Now by "friend" you're not refering to yourself are you? Just checking.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that made it into the accident report.

Anonymous said...

Try singing The Flying tomato to the music from Flight of the Valkerie. It works for me! fc

Greg said...

And you didn't get a picture?! I'm laughing just thinking about it.