Friday, September 5, 2008


So after much worry Fuzzy (the mass of muscle that has to put up with me) has worked out that he can come with us on the Road Trip To Dixie. That’s what we’re calling it. THE ROAD TRIP TO DIXIE!
Which is really Des Moines? When we first heard that Dixie Longate, the most amazing Tupperware Sales Drag Queen was finally going on tour we plotted out what city we could have a BIG GAY ROADTRIP. The closest city being Des Moines, Iowa. Quickly we called the theater in Des Moines and bought our tickets. The question put to the ticket lady was,

“Do these Des Moineninsesses really know what they’re in for?”

She said no. WoooHooo! So October 9th we drive our rental van east. Okay, I admit that planning a road trip to drive to Iowa to see a drag queen Tupperware show sounds…… a little…. gay. Okay fine huge, heaping amounts of gay. But really its fun, it’s like a gay tracker pull. A gay smash-up derby. But just below a trip to Dollywood. Which is next year.
At first Fuzzy had some sort of work thing to do but, cereal what’s more important than buying plastic crap from a southern Drag queen? Really I’m glad he came to his senses.


Dead Robot said...


get lots of pics!

Anonymous said...


Michael said...

Hey StevieB - I'm still interested in meeting up with you guys.......we should chat.

Gooster said...

Sounds fun!

Freddyeyes said...

DUDE I'm going to DOllywood! I don't care if Mike can go or not I want to go too! LOL I'm jealous abotu the Dixie thing! Take pictures please! LOL Oh oh and do your video thing ok!